Glitter and Nail Arts

In our offer there are several hundred of glitters and nail art selling in bulk.
All products are chemically resistant. Glitters selling by our company are made by three types of foil:
- normal foil- basic seria
- irys foil- irys seria
- hologram foil- rainbow seria

At the moment in selling there are following sizes and shapes:
- hexagon 0,2 mm
- hexagon 1 mm
- hexagon 2 mm
- glitter threads 0,3 x 1,5 mm

 Our offer also include:
- flowers 3 mm
- stars 3 mm
- hearts 3 mm
- moro- coloured flakes
- fimo- nail art made by plastic mass

 Minimal order is 200 g with colour.

Haberdashery- made to order.

This products are import for individual order. Minimal quantity with colour is 5 kg. Time of realization is to 2 weeks- air transport, to 3 months- sea transport.

We invite to co-operation!